Benefits of Cross Training and What to Wear

Words by Talia Hopkinson

If you regularly go to the gym or are just active in the fitness spaces online you may have come across the words “cross training.”

Despite cross training rising in popularity this style of workout routine has been around for a while and today, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about this popular trend.

Cross training

Here are the types of cross training, the benefits and as always, the best workout clothes for women to wear.

What is Cross Training?

So…for those of us who are not caught up on gym lingo, you may find yourself wondering what cross training actually is?

Cross training encourages people to take their main sport or workout method and then implement another workout which will improve their overall capability.

To put that simply, runners may add weight lifting into their routine to improve muscle strength whereas intense weight lifters may include yoga sessions to improve mobility.

This method is often used with athletes and long distance runners, however, even the occasional gym goer can benefit from having versatility in their workout routine.

What are the Benefits of Cross Training?

You’ll be glad to know that adding other workouts into your routine does come with its benefits, including:

  • Better endurance
  • Improved flexibility, balance and posture
  • Improved coordination
  • More consistency in workouts
  • Injury prevention and less recovery time

Not only that but your mental strength is tested. Like, really tested. You will put your body through unfamiliar workouts and begin to condition your muscles in new ways. Basically, you get to see just how much your body is capable of which can be very rewarding.