What are 7/8 Leggings - and Should You Try Them?

Sure, the gym is no catwalk… but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look good while you sweat. Finding durable leggings that are at once practical and stylish is a top priority.

But with so many styles and brands out there, where should you start? We have the answer. If you’ve not heard of 7/8 workout leggings yet, you’re in for a treat. Here’s what you need to know.

7-8 Leggings

What are 7/8 leggings?

Before we go any further, let’s deal with the elephant in the room: What are 7/8 leggings anyway? The clue here in the name, and it’s all about the length - they’re 7/8 length leggings.

7/8 leggings or 7/8 tights have an inseam which is 1/8th shorter than a full-length style. While they are not as short as cropped or capri leggings, they typically rest higher on the leg, above the ankle, than an average pair of sports leggings.

Most leading sports companies, from mainstream brands like Nike to luxury brands such as Alo Yoga, offer 7/8 gym leggings. It is worth noting that some brands, such as Beyond Yoga, call their version ‘Midi Leggings’, but the same principle applies.

The fashion-forward style of these leggings offer a sleek silhouette to those who choose to wear them. They neither cut your legs at a random point nor drown you in fabric, which is why, for many, they are the perfect, flattering, leg lengthening fit.

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7-8 Leggings

7/8 leggings vs. Capri leggings

If you're still not sure about the meaning of 7/8 leggings, let's take a deep dive. For starters, what’s the difference between 7/8 leggings and capri leggings? Let’s start with the basics. You may already be familiar with capri sports leggings.

These are sometimes referred to as ‘cropped leggings’, ‘long shorts’ or, among pro gym-goers, as simply ‘capris’. Regardless of their name, these are leggings that stop just below your knees, on your shins.

There are many advantages to capri leggings; they allow you to move freely, look attractive, and are ideal during the warmer summer months. When it comes to comfort, freedom and flexibility, you honestly can’t go wrong with 7 8 leggings.

On the other hand, 7/8 gym leggings are longer than capris, and cut your leg just above your ankles. Combining both fashion and functionality, these leggings are a breath of fresh air.

Think of them as the ideal happy-medium for people who don’t want a full-length style but find capri leggings too short for them.